Tupelo Kennel Club, Inc
Established March 1991

The Tupelo Kennel Club is an organization of people in the Northeast Mississippi area who are interested in and dedicated to dogs.
Our members are involved in many different aspects of life with dogs.   We host dog shows, puppy training classes, educational seminars and have various programs at some of the monthly meetings that help educate and often entertain.

We offer breeder referrals to assist those who may be looking
for a puppy to insure that they find a responsible, reputable
We also offer mentoring services to those who may be new to showing dogs and might need advice on how to get started.   
Our club has many knowledgeable members who are willing
and able to help a newcomer become familiar with the sport of showing dogs. 

You do not have to have an AKC registered dog to enjoy what
the Tupelo Kennel Club has to offer.    We love and appreciate
all dogs and always welcome owners of mixed breed dogs. 

We are involved in the community by helping the Tupelo-Lee
County Animal Shelter, supporting Mississippi State University Veterinary School with donations for research, providing
bulletproof vests for Tupelo Police Dogs and for some outlying community's Sheriff Department Dogs.

We hold two All Breed Dog Shows each year.  Please check our
"EVENTS" for information regarding our shows. 

The purpose of the club is:
a.   to promote the training and further the advancement
of all breeds of purebred dogs.
b.   to do all in its power to protect and advance the interest
of all breeds of purebred dogs and encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog shows and performance events.
c.   to conduct sanctioned matches, dog shows and obedience
trials under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel
d.   to promote education and proper care and treatment for
all dogs, purebred or mixed breed.  
e.   to promote cooperation and good sportsmanship among
its members in the training and exhibition of dogs.
f.   to encourage responsible breeding practices of all dogs
and to discourage indiscriminate breeding soley for financial gain. 

We have our monthly meetings at McAllister's restaurant on Gloster St. in Tupelo, Mississippi on the second Tuesday of the month.  The time is 6:00 p.m.  All who are interested in dogs are welcome. 
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About Tupelo Kennel Club
Our monthly meeting will be January 9, 2018 at McAlister's Deli on South Gloster in Tupelo, MS.  We meet at 6:00.  They have no meeting room in their new restaurant so just look for the group laughing and  having a good time and join us.